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Hydraulic Hammers

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The Stelco hammer range comprises of 12 super-silenced models to suit excavators ranging from 0.5 – 65 tonnes. We recognise that plant managers
& operators appreciate simple, reliable technology – we offer these qualities without compromising on power.
Wear part replacement, repair costs and machine down-time are all reduced thanks to minimal moving parts in the simple, yet robust design of Stelco


Advanced hydraulic technology allows lower oil flows than other hammers, thus achieving optimum excavator performance and reduced fuel
Innovative dampening materials within a fully enclosed robust structure minimises noise pollution and improves operator comfort.


Advanced Valve Control technology enables the hammer to be adjusted to achieve optimal working conditions; Long stroke with maximum power or
short stroke with maximum frequency.


All Stelco hammers from the SEL950(S) to SEL4000(S) are manufactured with internal lubrication ports for central greasing.

  • Site safety benefits as operator doesn’t have to leave the excavator cabin
  • Advanced internal automatic greasing systemŸ
  • Efficient greasing of tool and tool bushing
  • Extended service life of tool and tool bushing

Hydraulic Hammers

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