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Tie Rod
Reduces internal torsion stress to increase bolt life

Optimised Dampening Cushion
Made of high quality urethane
Further minimises recoil shock
Reduces noise & vibration
Full Box Enclosure
No rigid side bolts
Low maintenance cost
Extremely durable welded structure
Reduces noise
Complete protection for the power cell
Unique Valve Design For Models
SEL110, 150, 220, 250, 500, 600, 950, 4000
Less pressure fluctuation
Less damage to hydraulic pumps
Wide Light Weight Cover
Noise insulates
Dust protection
Easy maintenance
Long Piston Stroke
Maximises impact energy
Maximises recoil shock
Eliminates mechanical strings
High Pressure Accumulator
SEL 1500
SEL 2200
SEL 2500
SEL 4000
Eliminates pressure fluctuations
Increases impact power
Easy Maintenance
Fewer components
Easy access
High Strength Wear Bush
Precision machined to offer minimal tool movement
Reduce tool breakages
Heavy Duty Rock Hook
Built to reinforce the hammer base with 400 brunel hardness
High Quality Working Tool
Optimized by utilising high grade steel and precise heat treatment
✓ Finest raw material selection

✓ Modern manufacturing techniques using
state of the art CNC machinery

✓ Exceptional implementation of heat treatment

✓ Precise quality control process ensures every part meets our extreme standards

✓ Vigorous testing process of every breaker guarantees superb performance

✓ Unbeatable after-sales technical support and
parts availability

✓ Competitively priced product to meet customer demands

All Stelco hydraulic hammers from the SEL950(S) to SEL4000(S) are manufactured with internal lubrication ports for central greasing.

✓ Advanced internal automatic greasing system
✓ Efficient greasing of tool and tool bushing
✓ Extended service life of tool and tool bushing
✓ Operator does not need to leave the cabin;
therefore contributes to site safety

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